Accelerating advanced energy and transportation technologies to drive industry growth and sustainability.

NextEnergy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2002 to drive advanced energy investment and job creation in Michigan. Located in Detroit, NextEnergy serves as a catalyst for advanced energy technology demonstration and commercialization. Since its inception, NextEnergy has helped to attract more than
$1.4 billion of new investment.Read More
NextEnergy is a convener, collaborator, and service provider accelerating the development and growth of advanced energy companies, technologies, and industries. We utilize value added analytical tools to continually investigate “what’s next” in advanced energy – looking ahead toward the future to assess market trends, technology innovation, policy, and investment strategies.Read More
The NextEnergy Center is an epicenter of entrepreneurial activity and serves as a living laboratory for advanced energy technology development and demonstrations. Advanced energy innovation companies are engaged in collaborative projects at NextEnergy, leveraging our knowledge base, unique testing capabilities and laboratories in an independent and secure environment.Read More

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